Our Family & History

In 1988, Joseph Shannon stepped in to help his community in a time of need with the purchase of Breton Bay, a long term care home, in the community of Cape Breton. This saved the residents’ home and the jobs of those that care for them, a big act to help a small community. This began the Shannex story. This spirit lives on within the company and reflects these humble roots and continued dedication to community.

As the company grew from its Breton Bay beginnings, so did their dedication to quality of care. The facilities are designed with residents’ wellness in-mind, focusing on creating a place they feel safe and call home with private rooms for residents with their own bathrooms, social flow areas and ensuring residents have a say in decisions impacting their care and happiness. Being Well reflects this approach to health and wellness, of both residents and those that care for them, with social isolation being a top concern.

A nod to the past is balanced with a look to the future. Thinking Differently, the final pillar, captures how the company is a sector leader, developing the next generation of professionals for the sector, and supporting innovations to improve the quality of life and health for those we serve.